About Jobtick

Upon landing in the land of opportunity "Australia" in 2016, Knowing the On-Demand economy is rising in the decades to come, my wife and I have a vision to develop a mobile app that creates a business opportunity and benefits the community at large. We often used the available on-demand mobile apps to get things done around the house. We couldn't help to notice the dissatisfaction on the service provider's face as they complain about the cost of getting work is so high as they pay over 22% of their earnings as a service fee, and this was the base on which we Built Jobtick in 2020. We aim to provide a balanced framework fair to the service providers "The Ticker" and the Posters who order services and post them on the Jobtick. Jobtick charge 7-10% as a service fee compare to over 20% charged by other similar platforms. Together, we will make Australia a better place to live.

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